Sake Brewery Tour

Information on a tour of Gensui Sake Brewery

For more than 170 years since its establishment in the Kaei era in Kurayoshi, we have inherited traditional craftsmanship, brewed only with high-quality rice and water, and poured our passion into sake brewing.
We at Gensui Sake Brewery feel it is our mission to provide an environment where as many people as possible can become familiar with sake, so we offer sake brewery tours.

We will talk about the history of the brewery, the process of making sake, and other things you don't usually hear about, and show you around the brewery.
There is no charge for the tour. Parking is also available for groups of visitors.
There will be tastings and a direct sales corner in the brewery, so if you like sake or are interested in it, please feel free to join us.

  • 元帥酒造 酒蔵The sake brewery is located about 15 minutes drive away from the head office. For access, click here.
  • 元帥酒造 酒蔵入口Entrance to the brewery with a sense of history
  • 元帥酒造 酒蔵There are a lot of Gensui sake on display.
    You can even sample some of them.
  • 元帥酒造 酒蔵You can listen to a story about the history of Gensui and the inside of the brewery.

Information on a tour of Gensui Sake Brewery

We are currently not accepting any new reservations for sake brewery tours.
We would like to ask for your understanding in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Prior reservation is required to visit the brewery. Sake brewery tours are available daily from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
Parking is also available for groups of guests.
To make a reservation, please call the following number.

Make a reservation by phone



Available time 8:00~17:30(年中無休)

Click here to contact us by email.